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But my Chimney looks fine on the outside

Many chimneys appear to be in fine condition on the outside .But inside it could be a completely different situation.Masonry chimneys were not designed for venting todays more energy-efficient appliances
 Chimney relining is necessary in order to ensure your safety . If you fail to get your chimney relined, the risk of deadly combustion gases venting into your home increases, as does creosote buildup, which can create chimney fires and costly chimney repair.  It may be possible that your chimney wasn’t built with a flue liner in the first place, which provides your chimney with a smooth surface and insulation.  Believe it or not, linerless chimneys are extremely common in old houses, but also in newer ones as well.  Another reason to get your chimney relined, is because your liner may be defective.  Over time, cracks in tiles and combustion
gases combined with rain can erode masonry joints in the brick work or stonework.